The hiring committee of St. Joseph's Catholic School must decide if the Varsity football coach should be reprimanded for posting a series of provocative tweets that voiced his anger over the recent verdict of a police brutality case. When personal beliefs interfere with office politics, these educators have to ask themselves if they are who they tweet they are.
Inspired by real tweets...

Steve and Katie think they have life all figured out. Until Steve finds a smiley-face pregnancy test in the trash right before his bachelor party. Things become even more complicated when Steve wakes up the next day missing his pants and questioning his fidelity.

Nothing ever happens in the small town of Last Chance,Colorado. Well, except for this one time when two lifelong friends and wanna-be drug dealers find a dead guy in their motel room that throws their impending deal into mayhem.

Set in New York during the early 1980's, Game of Children follows two siblings, 'Lisbeth and Paul, who live isolated from much of the world after Paul is injured during a fight at school. As a coping mechanism, the two conjure up a game of manipulation and trickery. Their relationship, however, isn't exactly wholesome and as time goes by, the rules of the game get very, very complicated. Jealousy and a malevolent undercurrent intrude on the game when the two start inviting more people to join their "fantasy" world. Loosely adapted from Jean Cocteau's famous 1929 Novel "Les Enfant Terribles".

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